Saturday, November 13, 2010

Milk and Support

I think I might be becoming lactose intolerant.  I had heard that is was a possibility.  When I was fresh out, I would have milk in my protein drinks and had no problems with them.  Then when reading on a forum I was faithful to, folks were saying 'un-needed' calories in milk - don't use milk, use water!!  So I followed what they suggested, and I got use to using water in my protein drinks.  They weren't as thick - but I got use to them.  So flash forward to today.  I didn't have my usual protein coffee for breakfast, because it was our 'monthly breakfast' that we do every month...

Breaking off to tell you about the monthly breakfast - it use to be a Club Meeting for our 4 wheel drive club (California Trail Runners) but with 'life' intruding the membership is now - to say the least - minimal.  So we decided to open up the 'breakfast' to anyone that would like to join us.  So consider this an open invitation to anyone who reads this to join us on the 2nd Saturday of the month - 9 am - Mel's Diner

Back to what I was saying - - - instead I split an omelet with Gary.  After getting home I scooted off to a support meeting and didn't get home until about 3 pm.  All I had since breakfast was water.  THEN we went out to the front of the house and did some serious weeding in the front ditch and cleaning out the culvert under the driveway (preparing for winter) - still no protein drink.  (slapping myself on the back of my hand - I know better!!) So when I came inside to start fixing dinner (about 4:30 ish) I decided the milk in the protein drink (since I hadn't had one yet today) wouldn't hurt me - WRONG!!  No 'dumping' or dropping in BS, but I had pain in my pouch - and what feels like some bloating - uhggg.  I really don't drink milk any more and then to have > 8oz at one time - yeah, not going to do that again soon.

So some thoughts about what the RD was talking about at the Support Meeting today.  She brought up some good points - especially with the holidays coming up.  Think ahead - plan - have some strategies in place.  What am I talking about?  Well if you know you are going to a party - and that there is a good possibility there won't be any foods that you can (should) eat - then bring a dish with you.  OR have something BEFORE you go.  If you go without eating or bringing something with you - you will run the risk of eating something that won't agree with your new plumbing.  Nothing worse than spending a Holiday Party in the potty!!  Also with the craziness of the Holiday's and shopping and time commitments - make sure you bring a little something in your car or purse 'just in case' - such as a small package of nuts or a protien bar.  That way you won't be tempted to 'just pick up something' a the nearest Fast Food place. It was common sense type stuff - but things I would never have thought about BEFORE surgery, but need to now.  I might do a post a little more in depth later... just like I still want to do a 'presentation' about the importance of protein. We tend to forget that - and let our selves fall back into old eating patterns after a while.  Forgetting just how important that protien is to us... especially if you have had a malabsorptive procedure done.  Or have any type of wound/surgery that you are healing from.  More on that later :)

Anyway - it is Saturday - and its been a relatively busy and productive day - but I'm signing off now and I'm going to spend some quality couch time with my husband. With him doing work in the mornings (me watching Momma) and me going to work in the evenings (and him watching Momma) - we really don't get to much 'quality' time together - so bye for now <waving>

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