Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My reality...

Its amazing what a long hot shower will do to your out look on life - ahhhh!! 

Things are going well on my side - Gary has hit a couple small bumps, but has them straighted out.  The sad part is he should have felt comfortable enough to call his 'trainer' to ask how to deal with <_____> but needless to say his trainer was/is a jerk.  I don't think Gary would call him for any reason... I could be wrong about that - but I don't think so.  So I explained what was happening to my trainer - and he gladly spoke w/Gary.  I would feel very comfortable calling my trainer later and asking him questions - or even just shooting the breeze.  THAT is how this training/mentorship is suppose to work!! 

So my reality right now is driving.  I never realized just how exhausting 'just driving' could be!  So many things to consider - especially that I have a 53' tail!  And that tail will do different things depending where those back wheels are.  MAN you put those wheels all the way back and that thing doesn't want to trail behind you at all!!  Then there are the different procedures/protcols for the different shippers/recievers.  One like things this way - that one doesn't... ARG!!  Will I remember it all?? Yeah I'm sure I will - eventually, but until then = stress :)

Eating has also been a bit of a challenge.  I'm sure I mentioned it before, but there just isn't TIME to grab something at a restaurant... and the truck stops just don't have any green stuff or fruit.  So right now I'm spluging - I ordered a parm. chicken breast ( only able to eat half of it ) and taking the rest and the salad for later!! 

Well I guess I better pack up - we have the trailer to get washed out and pick up the load - so the wheels stay rolling!! 

Bye for now :)

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  1. SO good to see you doing so well, Paula!!! Not long now and you and Gary will be back together! ;0)
    We are still here...hoping for a close of escrow on Wed...out of here on Sat. Let's see....that's only 3 weeks after the promised date.... arrgghhhh....we are SO happy that the dealership is being so understanding! Think we'll take them a bottle of Patron or something!
    Love ya, keep up the great work!