Thursday, March 17, 2011


Trust is so important in any relationship... Oh no I'm not talking about Gary and I - but between our new employer and us.  There is a DM (driver manager) that he has been working with as well as planners... and needless to say there have been some 'issues'.  With those issues have come some serious frustrations!!  I'm hoping that we will be getting a new DM in fact I will be insisting on that.  Maybe even a new terminal if needed.  They have totally messed up us getting together - but I'm hoping that they will redeem themselves.  Time will tell...

So today I'm in a bit of limbo - suppose to be getting info re: a plane ticket to meet up with Gary... so far no word.  Also his load got changed around - so he might not even BE there!!  ARG! I just want to know what is going to happen - LOL!! I just want this journey to start already. We will stick w/this company for the year... and we WERE planning on sticking with them for 15-20 years.  Now?? I'm not sure any more... you need to work or deal with a company you can trust, and I don't have too much trust in them right now.

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  1. Isn't life interesting??? We are FINALLY done with the escrow from hell.....still in a hotel (altho it has been kinda nice)...still don't have our RV....
    Crazy how our lives (the 5 of us) are so much the same....this having no control SUCKS!! LOL!! Hang's really all we can do!
    Love ya,