Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LONG day...

Sigh... I'm now sitting at the Ramoda Inn in Salt Lake City enjoying a grilled pork chop and grilled veggies.  Weird that I am missing the bumpy seat and the truck stop specials - well maybe it was the company more than the ambiance - LOL.  I have some more orientation tomorrow and then I guess I wait... and wait... for the company (Gary's DM) to get him a load up this a way.  Really frustrating that they didn't concider him/us better.  I think it is mostly the DM that he has right now, but who knows if this is indicative of the concideration the company gives drivers... I hope not.  The DM we had (trainer and I) seemed to take into concideration what else was happening - but then not much was happening except we wanted miles - LOL!  Yeah we got miles!! 

I was so excited/anxious/sad about today though I did do a couple no no's... my vitamins - haven't taken them yet today... my liquids - LOL - yeah totally skipped... food/protein - I had a RTD 40gm for breakfast - that was it until 3 pm... no wonder I was seriously lagging!! I would chew anyone else out that did that, and here I did it... well life intrudes.  So I'm eating a 'healthy' dinner/late lunch - with left overs (for later) and will catch up on my liquids when I get back to my room - unless I fall asleep first :)

I am looking forward to fixing food on the truck though - creativity and inginuity - we will see how it goes.  Needless to say I need to 'redecorate' and 'move the furniture' around once I get in the truck... it looks like a guy decorated it (love you Honey!!)... actually that is sort of the plan... I get the inside maintainance and he gets the outside maintainance... he gets the trip planning, I get the communication with the company (gee aren't I lucky - note sarcasim here) and I'm hoping that working with V will be MUCH better than D!! We have been having 'fun' (again w/the sarcasim) with D and the planner working with him M (at least I think he is a planner)... neither knows what the other one is asking him to do - so he doesn't know who's expectations to fulfill... and neither of them are trying to get him back here to UT to pick me up!!

So tonight I will get a slight glimmer of the 'aloneness' Gary has been dealing with.  No trainer to joke and kid around with - no roommate to ignore and get irritated at.  It makes the separation sharper.  I really have no idea how some folks do this alone.  Yeah you would 'get use to it' and there are personnal contacts out there... via phone and truck stop meetings... but its just not the same thing.  That I think is what makes this 'profession' so specialized.  It is definately not for everyone.  Case in point - my trainer was THIS close to home, but we couldn't get there to see his wife - and due to stuff happening on her side, she couldn't come to see him... that like totally sucked!! Where we've been blessed through all of this to be able to sneak and snatch moments together.  Soon we will be SO close together we just might be wishing for these days back - NOT!! In any road though there are bumps (as I have been finding out) and we will pass by these bumps and continue on... and I for one can't wait!!

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