Friday, March 11, 2011

Training almost done...

Next week - I will be done with training and Gary and I will be on our own... well almost.  My trainer has said that he is available for questions ANY time - that is a big relief.  Gary's trainer didn't really 'train' him - and mine can only put so much info in my tiny mind in 28 days... at least that I will retain that is - LOL!  Plus after 'living' with him for 4 weeks, and him not kicking me out - I'd like to think we are friends.  I think we will do 'ok'.  It will be the timing and trip planning that will be our biggest challenge right out of the gate.  I think we will be getting the dispatcher that has been running my trainer and I - at least I hope so.  She seems to be right on the ball - and doesn't leave our ### hanging in the breeze.  Gary's is 'new' so I will cut him some slack - plus Gary is new too - LOL! 

You know its funny - as I drive along I wax poetically (to myself) about all the things I would LOVE to blog about - then I have a chance to sit and type - and I can't think of a durn thing - LOL.  Is this all that I thought it would be - yes.  Is it more - in some repects yes.  Its more tiring... it isn't easy to drive for 10 hours and not be tired.  Always having to be aware of everyone/thing around you.  Straight highway driving is much nicer than city driving - that's for dang sure!! The beauty of the land - it is amazing!  I haven't seen it all yet - I don't know - maybe in a few years, it will get old - but it will take a while.  Love the sunrises and sunsets - with clouds or without - some over flat fields and some of those fields with snow.  So many combinations and colors.  Being born and raised in Sacramento, CA - and not really getting out of CA - I never had the comprehension of just how BIG this county is... and how many places have no people any where around.  I do miss being able to stumble out of bed - shuffle to the bathroom - and fall back into bed wearing only my jammies.  Yeah not wearing jammies into a truckstop - LOL - although I have seen one or two that have!  Right now though the good out weighs the inconveniences. 

I do need to start taking care of 'home' stuff though... I have been ignoring the 'mail' and it has been piling up - sigh.  Oh as to how I'm getting my mail?? My daughter faxes to a number and a service changes what ever is faxed to a PDF file - then e-mails it to us.  So far it works good - IF I do my email - LOL. 

Well enough of this 'blog' thing - at least for right now... I'm typing in a moving truck - and actually doing really well - or at least I catch my typos for the most part.  Still want to 'read' some on FB and TTR forum - then off to bed for me!! 

Bye for now...

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