Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Man did I need that!!  10 hours of straight sleep!! There is only two problems with doing that... my joints ache from not moving for so long and my bladder just about explodes - LOL!  Sorry if TMI :)

Well the date is set for my 'upgrade' - March 16th!!  Gary has requested his days off March 16-19 in Fontana - so he can be there when I get upgraded.  The time couldn't work out better for my trainer either - he has a birthday to head towards.  For those of you that are in the 'trucking' arena - you KNOW how hard it is to make it to planned events!

So the miles this truck has put on is in the 15K range - plenty for my milage requirements, only need 2K more and we can do that without breaking a sweat.  So now its just the minimum time we are looking at.  I've been doing 'ok' with backing - yesterday though I let a man waiting w/the dock door open fluster me a bit... felt like a rooky again - oh wait - I am a rooky - LOL!  I still drop gears when I'm tired - but I'm finding them easier.  I tried 'floating' gears - but I just don't have that down yet.  Once its out of gear, I can get it into the next no problem - its getting it out that is sticking.  I don't want to 'force' it - and from what I understand - if I'm at the right RPM I won't need to... sigh... still a work in progress.

Oh and you know what my WONDERFUL trainer did?!?! Well in a way its my fault - I friended him on facebook - and these blog posts get posted there - so when I was mentioning/whining about my lack of veggies - he stopped at WalMart and picked up some veggies!!  Sorry ladies - he is taken (I've seen the picture of his wife - she is beautiful!) - but if he wasn't he would be a keeper!!  Its the attention to details that really makes the difference.  He is like that with others in the Co. too - payroll clerk - DM... and it really makes a difference.  I don't think it is a purposeful thought process either (mmm - if I do this little thing - then I can get <____>) it is something he just is aware of and does.  So hint for any other guys that read this (it still amazes me that other folks do) that its the little things that catch our eye and that can make a BIG difference!

So what I'm doing right now is 1) letting my trainer sleep 2) debating if I should wake him because the place we are picking up from opens at 0700 - but our pick up time isn't scheduled until 1400 3) doing the Mervin's thing (saying open/open/open) to the Starbucks across the street 4) going to head over to the company website and get some of the 'testing' done now...

So - I'm still alive and I haven't run anyone over (yet) with this big truck. I'm rested and looking forward to what more life has instore for me... :) Bye for now <waving>

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