Thursday, March 24, 2011

There is no such thing as a bad day...

Some are just better than others... and today was a really better day!!  All three things I wished for the other day has happened... 1) my husband/home/rock/anchor/soft place to fall is now by my side 2) we were able to trade trucks to one with a larger sleeper area w/more storage.  Gary drove one when he was training, and the one I trained in was very similar.  Even Gary agreed there is quite a bit more room :^) 3) the slicing of the ABX capsles is working!!  I was up on my leg ALL day long - walking - standing - walking - well you get the picture... the redness isn't AS angry (still red though) and it is more swollen than a boiled sausage, BUT it isn't AS angry red.  The swelling and pain I anticipated because of the walking/standing stuff. So there is definated improvement.  I would do a happy dance, but Gary has assigned me to bedrest w/bathroom privilages and keeping my L leg elevated for the rest of this evening.  Now the kicker for today - that has pushed it over the edge of JUST better than others and made it REALLY better than others is.... we no longer have D as a DM!!  I actually did an abbreviated happy dance in the middle of WalMart when it was confirmed and we got our first load from her (from the yard to VA by Monday - good starter run).  We will call her Miss V... What a relief... the term manager I don't know if he would have really changed us over with out all the squeeking in his ear... and not just by me... there was another phone call from someone dear that I think helped push him over the edge ... Thank you T!! It really was a busy and productive day though.  Got ALL the stuff out of the W9 - even in the rain.  It is 'mostly' put away - and things are fitting pretty well.  A few tweeks - but I'm liking it :) Met the 'HR' manager and he helped us print up temp medical cards 'just in case'... thankfully I don't think I will need them now. Got to say 'thank you' to the DM general manager and let him know we were NOW happy campers (wanted to leave w/a good impression - and I truely am thankful he started the ball rolling!).  Swung by WalMart and picked up some stuff//storage options (felt like Momma - little containers for everything - LOL)... and now relaxing w/Gary doing the laundry/fetching dinner and looking forward to work tomorrow... life is REALLY good right now!!

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