Monday, February 28, 2011


It's going good... I am so pleasantly surprised.  I read on the forums about these terrible trainers and heard stories of others (including the one Gary had) and was thinking to myself - I can put up with a lot, but I won't put up with some of the stuff I heard about... I was SO determined to stand up for myself and jump the truck if need be.  No need... really nice guy.  He is having me back in and even (when we had time) practice backing just for the heck of it - LOL! I've done a couple refer sets (setting the temp) and he gets me to do the paperwork.  So nice that I'm not just a ride along and wheel holder.  He seems to be amazed that I want to work as hard as I do.  I guess he has had a few 'winner' students too.  So the road does go both ways.  I feel sorry for his gears though - LOL - I still grind them, although I am getting better and I'm not sweating the down shift like I was.  I even found a few gears without having to come to a complete stop - LOL!  Eating on the road has been a bit of a challenge... I've been getting in my morning protein shake (46gm) and using nuts as munching stuff as I'm driving.  However at the 'truck stops' there really isn't too much choice for a quick grab and go type of stuff.  Now this one that I'm at - actually had Muscle Milk... not the best, but its protein!  I have stretched my menu a bit - and paid for it!  I had a full peice of pizza - crust and all - OH THE GAS PAIN!!  I was driving and couldn't really get out and walk about - THAT wasn't too comfortable let me tell you - and my poor trainer - enclosed area w/the heater on... LOL - he probably wondered why I kept rolling down the windows in 20 degree weather.  The cab of the truck though has an insulated curtain that zips between the driving area and the sleeper - so I think he was spared the brunt of my 'attack' - at least I hope so!!  That is one thing - when driving as a team - one is driving and the other is sleeping.  So not too much interaction - about 2 - 3 hours per day really.  A bit more today - because there is a bit of time before we have to get to the next location.  He dropped me off so I could do laundry and pay bills (so here I am blogging - LOL - I get some paid!!) while he deals with a trailer wash out and getting the trailer fixed.  The chute was ripped and it was missing a mud flap.  Not sure who will get done first - then he will continue driving this evening.  OH that's another thing MY trainer is different from others (Gary's) - my trainer won't force me to do most of the night driving after my 2 weeks is up.  If needed then yes - I will drive at night - but he won't switch us up just so he drives during the day, making me drive the night shift.  Thank goodness - I'm finding it hard to figure out signs at night.  I'm just not use to the shapes and colors of the different highway signs.  He does have a GPS - and that helps - but it doesn't always tell you the right road, so I have to use common sense and I don't have much of that for truck driving yet  =D  Well my laundry should be just about done - so I will sign off for now.  I'm really looking forward to the time when I get caught back up with my husband and we are sharing this together!!  I have about 18 more days and counting!!

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