Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sigh... bit of a whine here - so feel free to skip this one...

I don't feel good... Yesterday - had a little bit of discomfort in my L foot, thought maybe I scrubbed it too hard when I took a bubble bath.  This morning - redness and increased discomfort on the top of my food.  Ok - I'll take it easy, but I NEED to go to WalMart.  I'm out of protein and drink mixes and munchies... and the munching I've been doing hasn't been good choices.  So off to WM I go... shuttle to the term/shuttle to WM - there walking around for 1 hour/shuttle back to the term/shuttle back to the hotel.  Mean while - my temp has gone up (I can tell because my lips are BLUE and I am shivering so hard I can barely push the cart), I am having REALLY BAD pain in my foot/calf/behind my knee and groin.  Thank GOD I got prescribed some broadspectrum ABX that will kill just about everything but me - however they tend to cause yeast infections too (joy).  Also when I'm back at the term, they let me know I'm getting shuffled to a new room w/a roommate... sigh... so I finally get back to the hotel - thank goodness for bell carts - move all my stuff over.  TV is blaring,  and there are 3 people in here.  Thankfully the guys left - (no hanky panky or anything - just classmates) and my RM left (probably visiting in their room - that don't hurt my feelings AT ALL).  I took a warm (not hot - didn't want to do any more tissue damage - but I did want to warm up) bath, I'm in bed with my legs elevated slightly - started on my ABX and waiting for my fever to break... I feel like I'm ROASTING!! I did take some Excedrin though - so that will help the pain and temp.  Ah the glamoris life of a trucker!! Gary still isn't due until Tuesday - but I'm suppose to head over to the term to work on getting us a different truck... so I'm going to call - and if I need to show my face - I will!!  My trainer is wanting out of his lease - and we are seriously considering that. It would only go to October (If I remember correctly) so we can see if that is for us (I think L/O will be) but again health insurance is an issue... case in point - what if I didn't have these ABX to take - that would mean no coverage (as we would be independant contractors) unless we can find some individual coverage.  That would have meant a visit to an urgent care, doctor visit, and RX... not cheap by any means.  Need to check with the tax guys to see if we incorporate, can we deduct our health insurance since we would be  'employee's' of the corporation?? So something to work out.  So here I wait - but I feel SO much better w/my leg covered - I'm warm (almost too warm because of the fever) and I'm drinking my fluids (really behind on that today - only about 30 oz so far).  I'm also going to enclude a protein drink tonight - since I'm behind on that too... Well that's it for now - off to read the forum and FB... :) Of course I will probably fall asleep in the middle of it and be up in the wee hours again - LOL!  Oh well - there is always HULU!!

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