Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday morning challenge...

Woo Hoo - yesterday Gary passed all his tests except for one - his vision test - new glasses and then back to DVM to retake it.  Well he let the instructor at school know that we would be going to DMV as soon as they opened to finish the vision part and get his permit.  We got there with time to spare (my Daddy taught me right - "get to the train station BEFORE the train leaves" - that was just one of his favorite sayings).  As we are sitting there in the 35* foggy morning - we start to get cold so start my daughter's PT Cruiser to run the heater.  The check engine light came on (wasn't lit on the way there) - mmmm - wonder what is causing that.  So we do the turn the key on 3 times thing to get the code.  Ok we will need to look that up when we get home.  So into the office we go - do all that stuff - now back out to the car to head to class w/permit.  Car won't start!!  It gurgles at us (glug, glug, glug) - sounded like it was 1)flooded 2)vapor locked.  We eventually get it started and pull out of the DMV and down the street about 500' - stop for a light and the car DIES!!  Not even a click now when turning the key.  Lights work - windows work - turn key NOTHING!!  Sigh - so now we need to figure out 1) how to get Klingon back to class (he already has a ride home) 2) get me to work 3) now that we need to use the dodge that my daughter was using how does SHE get to work...

So what did we learn first thing this morning 1) patience 2) cooperative sharing 3) coordination of effort 4) how to look at a situation and work out a solution - might not have been a FUN morning - but we made it though. 

Now to figure out how we are going to do tomorrow - no word yet on what happened w/the car except that it was something electrical and to do with the radio - a short and blown fuses - and how much is this going to cost???

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