Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bitter Sweet...

Such a wonderful group of friends and family!!  We are making the rounds and saying 'good bye for now's and 'we will see you as we drive through town's.  REALLY great to see everyone - but sad when we realize it will be quite a while until we see everyone again.  Thank goodness for the internet (FB/email) - we can at least keep in touch and know how everyone is doing.  This is just the beginning of the 'good bye for nows' though - we have another one on Monday (tomorrow).  I am glad we are doing this - I think it will be the best thing for all of us - but it just isn't easy.  I feel for Lynn - being in the middle and trying to make everyone happy.  Them not wanting to loose 'their' stuff as the households merge - but also trying to take into concideration our feelings when property needs to be thinned. Gary... he has deeper roots here than I do.  My home is him - where ever he is I'm home.  Buildings and material possessions - yes then mean something - but I'm not as tied to them as others seem to be.  So its a fine line we are treading.  Well off to start doing some house cleaning - its a mess and a bit chaotic - LOL - but hey, thats how we roll!!

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  1. We did have a great time today, didn't we?? We came home to our power just turned back on...figured it was out about 4 hours! House was cold and we came thru a snow/rain/hydroplaning thing I wasn't too thrilled with for about 5 min on 80, but we are home safe and sound!
    We will definitely try to hook up if we end up anywhere close!! Safe travels!
    Love you!
    Magic and Grumpy