Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My baby is having a baby!!

That means I'm going to be a GRANDMA!! Needless to say - I had to call everyone I know (well 4 folks anyways) and post it on Facebook - now I get to BLOG about it - LOL!  Everyone is going to get tired of hearing about it - LOL!  You want to see some pictures??  OK - don't have those yet - but I will :D  I just hope she has as great a pregnacy as I did... I loved being pregnate!  Just a little bit of nausea in the evenings - but only for a couple weeks.  Then I ate for 2 and enjoyed every minute of THAT - that's where I gained 100#... I can't blame that on her though - I wasn't able to get rid of it without surgery (but that's another story).  Now I know that the baby will take what ever nutrition it needs WITHOUT the Mom having to double do the food. (wish I had known that then) What Mom needs to do is just make sure her own nutritional needs are met, that's it.  Now I knew when we decided to 'truckers' that EVENTUALLY they would have kids and we would be out on the road... however its coming sooner than I expected.  That's ok though.  I'm happy. The timing is just as it should be.  The house and the trucking and Momma - all that was decided BEFORE the news of the baby.  None of these decisions were make BECAUSE of the baby.  I am so amazed at the works of God sometimes (although why I should be - I have no idea).  I look back and see the path Gary and I have come, and the way things have happened.  There really is a 'plan'.  Anyway - just had to share!!

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  1. SUCH wonderful news!!! I'm jealous...I want to be a Grandma!! What a nice Christmas present!!