Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another day closer...

Well I sent my letter out to my volunteer job - letting them know I'm leaving home.  Now to just tie up loose ends there and pass it to who ever ... right now I have short-timers attitude and am SO glad I'm leaving the politics and back stabbing and 2 assholes behind.  You know what else is freeing - I don't care right now if they know I think they are hemorrhoid free and 100% perfect asshols - LOL!  Anyway - we have been juggling 1 'legal' vehicle between 2 households since last week - that will end as of today - WOO HOO! Also taking in the green truck to get it worked on FINALLY so it will be 'legal' (not able to smog it due to the #### computer!)... we 'should have' done it sooner, but hey - robbing Peter to pay Paul just isn't condusive to vehicle matainance - it sucks though that repair costs so much more.  Yeah I know a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... how right THAT is!!  Well off to do a bit more 'clean up' on the front bedroom before I swap vehicles at the repair shop ... need to get that ready for Gary and I to move into so the kids can move their stuff in... bye for now :D

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