Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Gather

It was SO good to see family yesterday!  Sure - not everyone could make it - and that is understood.  Life and other commitments to tend to crop up - we've had our share let me tell you!!  LOL :) As things get closer and closer to where I will have to say bye to Gary for a couple months - and deal with things here without him - I'm getting a bit anxious.  Will I make the right decisions?  Will I do everything I need to do?  How long will it take me?  Will I pass the schooling?  Will I be able to drive one of those things?  What happens if??  Then I remember this is a leap of faith - and put it right back on 'God's' shoulders.  That helps.  I just wish we wouldn't be separated for so long.  The longest we (Gary and I) have been apart is just a few weeks - now we are talking about a few months - sigh... I also have to get things ready for my volunteer job - I made a commitment there that I have to follow through with.  I would love to just turn everything in and say "you deal with it" but then it would land on just one set of shoulders, and I don't want to do that.  So now to start work on the 'front bedroom' which is where we will be staying when we get in town...

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