Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spinning wheels...

My brain is spinning and I can't go back to sleep... Momma woke up at 4 - did the bed/diaper change and couldn't go back to sleep.  I would have been up again if I had though because she was up again at 5 - LOL.  Its now 6 and I'm thinking MAYBE I could lay back down and doze, because its going to be a LONG and active day - with bunches of emotions happening for ALL of us (except Momma - but she will probably sense the emotions of everyone else).  I need to keep thinking with my head though - and make sure Gary does to.  If my heart starts thinking too much, it just might put a spanner in the works.  I KNOW we are doing the right thing (no matter how much it hurts)... just like when you have to discipline your child.  You know you have to do it for the good of the child - but your heart doesn't want the child to hurt - but you know in the long run it's better for the child to do it, than not.  Not that we are disciplining Momma - but in the long run it is better for her - but harder for us.  I don't know if that makes sense or not - like I said my brain is spinning.  Well I'm going to attempt to lay back down for what ever time I get... even if its just to snuggle up to Hubby... won't be able to do that after 3 weeks - at least for a couple months that is.  It will be the LONGEST we have been apart since we got married.  Even with him being an O/O before - he was only gone for maybe a month at the longest (during his training w/John).  There wasn't the internet/cell phones then (and I won't be raising a toddler) - so I'm hoping it will be easier this time.

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  1. My prayers and with you and yours won't be easy, but it WILL be best for Momma!
    REALLY looking forward to seeing you guys the 19th, so I can give you a proper hug!!