Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things in motion

Well things are 'in motion'... not just plans anymore.  Gary for sure is going in on Friday for physical and drug test (which we know he will pass - no problems there) - Sunday we will be moving Momma to her new home - and I have a good feeling about them and think it will be a wonderful move for Momma.  Monday Gary starts his schooling (as long as he passes his tests from Friday) the 13th!!  That begins 3 weeks of schooling to get his CDL ( basically a recert for him - he drove before) which IS in Sacramento - so after those 3 weeks he will get shipped via Greyhound to Fontana and hop on a 'trainers' rig for 5 weeks - then will drive solo until I can join him.  So as of the first of the year - Gary will not be in Sac.  I will begin my 3 weeks as soon as things get into a flow here.  Making sure Momma is settled and fitting in well, arm healing and paperwork done.  Bills set up so that we can pay them - Lynn and Morgan fully settled.  So depending on when that happens - I'm thinking 2 months or there about.  It will be hard - because I won't have Gary to be my rock near by.  Thank goodness for internet and cell phones - we WILL be able to be in touch verbally.

Really upset though about the care Momma got at the 'hotel' this last time.  Never before was Momma treated this way. We let them know that she had a broken arm.  That they needed to use the belt around her jacket so that her arm would be 1) elevated 2) supported.  Well they said (when we got her there) that they couldn't use it because it was a 'gait' belt and concidered a restraint... we said as long as you can use something to support her arm.  Well she didn't have anything on for that whole 2.5 days she was there.  'She wouldn't leave it on' - well DUH!!  Why do you think we did it the way we did AND had to keep reminding her that her arm was broken!!  Then as I'm complaining to the Admin today - she was saying how Momma hadn't slept for those two days.  NO WONDER she slept from 7 pm last night to 9 am this morning.  Another thing - if she would have slept like that for us - her bed would have been SOAKED - it wasn't - which means she wasn't getting the liquids like she should have.  That would all contribute to the lethargy and unstable gait she had yesterday. Then when we go to pick her up - after lunch - she had stool in her pants which I cleaned (I will say the aid offered) and it looked like it had been there a while because it wasn't just the underware that was soaked with stool. I am SO PISSED!!  I thank GOD she won't ever have to go back there!!  I will post that the name of the place is Citrus Heights Terrance - not recommended needless to say. 

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  1. OMgosh! I have seen this before and it just makes me sick!! My mom's husband was had a stroke and was left in urine soaked sheets. It burned his skin requiring GRAFTS!!
    Even with Lisa, I always feel like I have to be there every second when she is in the hospital (we are hospital free for TWO years!! YEAH!!) They gave her stool softeners the first time that resulted in s--t everywhere! Poor Lisa was so embarrassed she cried the whole time I cleaned her up! I took the sheets out (by then I knew where clean sheets were) and dumped them outside here! I was steamed!! I know they are overworked and busy, but at least ASK me before you give her something!! (I was right there, just in the john)