Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Early Morning....

Sigh... another early morning... My roommate is a nice lady, but I guess I had it too cold for her last night so when she came in (I was sleeping) she turned the heat up - not just up, but all the WAY up... so I woke at 3 with a pounding headache... ARG... took some Excedrin (yes I know it has asprin in it - but I don't take it often at all) and tried to lay back down.  Now it's almost 4 and the alarm is at 5 so I figured what the heck, I'll just get up.  Plus I had the montra of tap/tap and take it out/rev it up/put it in running around in my head - LOL!  In class today we are suppose to have half a day doing skills (backing stuff) and the other half driving.  With driving we are going to head to a route that has more traffic - doing 'light anticipation'... so yeah, I need to work on my shifting because I will have control of 80K pounds of moving metal... and I want it under control at ALL times.  If I'm hunting and grinding, its not in control!! I did better yesterday than the first day - so I WILL get it.  At least that is what I tell myself.  There was a tip on of the intructors said too that I have found helpful.  Only at a stop to use the toes on the clutch, during shifting use the arch or heel of your foot.  That way even with the leg straight, the clutch break isn't engaged.  I think that helped. 

Tonight though - I need to take the time to get caught up on my 'bookkeeping'.  I have been so concentrated on schooling that I have put normal everyday stuff aside.  I don't want to get behind on that. 

Gary will hopefully upgrade soon.  I guess its the trainer that is suppose to say when he is ready to upgrade, but his trainer hasn't told anyone that yet?? Anyway - they are in SLC now and Gary typed/talked to his DM (dispatch manager) and so hopefully he will be able to upgrade SOON!! He is SO ready!!  I just hope I have a trainer that is a little more of a trainer than his was... and will have a little consideration for the guest in their truck.  Gary's has had NO consideration for his 'guest'... but that's Gary's story to tell.

Oh on the WLS front - getting into a routine to take my Vits - I'm finding to be a challenge.  I think I will try to save my iron until right before bed, because as I was taking them before I would do the iron in the morning, and then the Multi Vit/Calcium combo in afternoon and evening - well they have been ending up all in the evening and I'm not sure how well they are being absorbed so close together.  Protein wise - ehhh - doing 'ok' w/that.  2 scoops in the morning for breakfast - then some solid protein during the day - I should toss in at least another scoop in the evening just to make sure - but again its the remembering part there.  I've been so busy and the non existant cooking area has made it a challenge.  ESPECIALLY getting any veggies in... I miss my veggies!! 

Well I guess I will get dressed and around... this will give me time to have a cup of coffee or three - (one of those w/my protein in it) LOL!

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