Friday, February 18, 2011

Lets see how I do...

I am typing this is a moving vehicle (the tractor) so appologies in advance for typos - LOL!  Well I started off w/my trainer yesterday.  What a pleasant surprise!!  NOTHING like Gary's trainer.  He doesn't listen to music or the radio... it is quite... he doesn't freeze me out... if he gets tired, he will get into the top bunk instead of making me move.  Yeah - I lucked out!! I feel bad (but secretly glad) that the trainer I have is treating me well, and Gary's didn't.  I already have 2 backs in (need 40+) and today I drove completely across New Mexico - Woo Hoo!!  I also figured out what I want next on our shopping list - satilite radio!! Found a station today and sang along - all day long.  It was a blast.  Trainer feels comfortable enough w/my driving that he slept for most of the day.  I'm expecting that he will drive all night - or at least a good portion of it.  So far sleeping has be 'OK'... not as sound as a bed that doesn't move, but good enough.  Last night he got tired about 2 ish (I think) and then the truck was still... so all in all a great day for me.  Now with Gary - I was fussing at him yesterday because the truck we were getting wasn't ready yet - and he was patiently waiting... well the shop guy (plus some of the other office folk) noticed that he was still there and got him a truck.  Well it turns out that its nicer than the one he originally was going to get.  Its a Kenworth 900 (not sure if that's the right number - but its a Kenworth) and it has a 13 speed.  He is so excited to get a 13 speed... and I can understand that... now that I'm driving one.  Its nice for the hills.  I do wish I had more time to continue playing on the computer - but I will have to concentrate on 'work'.  I'm sure there will be some down time - and I'll be able to play more then.  Oh I guess I should say where I am and where we are headed... started in Fontana, CA yesterday - I drove to Needles CA... woke up in Arizona... almost to the border.  Stopped at a Flying J and took a shower... that one wasn't bad - water got really hot, and the shower was clean.  Not like some of the horror stories I've heard of - but I'm sure they are out there!! I went back to driving and drove completely across New Mexico to Amoretto TX.  Not to shabby for a newbie :D

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  1. You are both so awesome!!! I almost wish we were there with you!! We are snowed in and and no power!!I am SO glad Alan went down to Sac and retrieved the generator I had given my son!!
    The appraiser should be here this week (please, God!) and , hopefully, we will be on our way to AZ around the 1st or 2nd.
    Happy Trails!