Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ahhh feel better...

Careful this might be TMI for some...

Constipation - not fun!!  Since I'm not eating like I was before (veggies and other ruffage) - and am finding it hard to stay up on my water like I should - there have been (when there is something) rocks and boulders!! I finally had to take a laxitive - (took 1 pill the day before - not strong enough) took the max dose of 3 pills yesterday and FINALLY had relief!!  Of course we were on the 'range' all day and the only place 'to go' there is a blue room - but hey, I feel better - LOL!  Just thought I would share :) HYDRATION IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

Anyway - we went over and over the break test (that is the one you can NOT miss a single step on) and the PTI (pre trip inspection).  I do fine in cab, and OK with the front and engine compartment... Ok with the side of the tractor, but get me to the 5th wheel!!  I can't remember the names of things for the life of me... :( ... so guess what I will be doing on our 'day off'??  You got it studying.  We have a group of four of us that have been in this one truck working together.  So we will be getting together tomorrow as well and going over it again and again and again and again... repetition is the key to this course. WHEN (if) I pass this - THEN we will be able to actually go forward and backwards in the trucks.  You know once you are in the seat - yes it does seem bigger than a 'pick up' truck - but not MONSTEROUSLY big.  I really am beginning to think I can do this.  I am picking up the info - I am repeating it back ok... now the prayers will be that I don't freeze on Monday - and that I will be able to pick up the actual DRIVING of this thing!!

Well my roommate is with her trainer - so I have the room to myself (at least for tonight) so I'm going to take advantage of it... doing laundry now and when I'm done - going to take a bubble bath and kick back and watch TV and VEG OUT - at least until tomorrow :)

Bye for now :D

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