Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a relief it is!!

I PASSED!!  <sigh of relief>  I was really sweating it... I SUCKED yesterday.  Stalled in an intersection, lost the gears on a hill - grinding on my down shifts... I just was so worried that I would do that today.  The instructor was cool though - made me feel at ease and it was just her and me in the cab.  No other students - no other distractions... I did it!!  I was able to 'miss' up to 40 something... I missed 18.  I feel pretty damn good about that! 

Now Gary is here in Fontana as well.  He is all done with his trainer (thank God) and has done all the upgrade testing and has a truck assigned.  It needs some front end work done on it and it should be ready on/about Wednesday.  We will need to really watch the front tires for wear - but I think the shop will do a good job (I hope).  So I will have to put up being w/Gary until I ship out w/my trainer (tough job, but I'm up to it - LOL). 

Such a weight off my shoulders - we are thinking about what to do to celebrate... Mmmm maybe Disney Land - LOL!

This is a picture of our new truck... notice the passanger side bumper - that is what will need to be repaired. 

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