Sunday, July 31, 2011

28 years and counting...

Have they be over the top wonderful years with gum drops and rainbows every day?  No - but would I trade them for gum drop/rainbow days if they were without Gary - NO!!  We have weathered through really tough times together and have enjoyed wonderful times together and been totally bored at times together... the best part about all of that, is that we have been together.  I don't know if everyone could do the amount of togetherness we do (especially now in a truck), but it just seems natural to us.  We are each other's best friends - that is SO important!!  What is also cool is that we still act like silly teenagers together too - LOL!  We even hold hands and walk arm in arm still :)

So how are we spending the day?  Not working (which is a blessing and a curse) and together.  Slept in (to a whopping 0730), bummed around the truck and talked with Gary's cousin Ron until he had to leave for work.  He picked us up last night and showed us around the town of Burley, ID - it is a cool small town (small compared to Sacramento) and one (at least in the summer months) that would be nice to live in.  When he left for work, he also left us the keys to his truck so that we could do some running around.  Which we did... picked up some steak, sweet potato and salad for dinner tonight and then we are planning on catching a movie (Harry Potter) - but who knows... that is one nice thing about days off - no set plans!!

Yawn - mmmm - a nap sounds really good right now - maybe I will do that for a while <grin>

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