Saturday, July 9, 2011

Moving again...

Finally!!  Last week was a cluster <____k> I swear it was the closest I came to saying this just isn't worth it!!  However we signed a 3 year leash (yes I didn't miss type that - leash, not lease) so at least for now we are sticking with it... Sort of have to because we have no other income/job lined up and not enough OTR experience to jump ship.  We would also need to find someone to take over the lease - and I (even though I though about it) don't want to give up yet.

We have a great DM (driver manager) and we trust her to not screw us over, but anyone else out of our home terminal, or the planners - - yeah - - not so much if any trust there.  The info we have gotten last week was either incorrect, missing or they were pulled from under us (unassigned) to 'repower' another load that was to heavy for one truck - what makes you think ours is any lighter!!  GRRR!!  Lots of wasted time and fuel - which WE pay for now.

Eating wise - we are finally going to stop and shop - going to use the crock pot and do up a stew... really missing 'home cooked' food.  Restaurants, even if they have different names, have basically the same foods.  Not a whole lot of variety.  Mmmm salmon patties and curried rice - nope they don't have it.  Stew with brussel sprouts - not a chance.  So that is what I'm going to fix for tonight, stew with a couple brussel sprouts tossed in :)  We have a load going from Irving, TX to Lincoln, NE... not sure when we are meeting the other driver to swap loads, but it is scheduled for sometime tomorrow (little nervous about that - we have to be in Nashville, TN at 0630 the next day - if the swap driver is too late it will mess us up) so we have time once we get up there for a nice 'sit still' dinner and long shower, and maybe even a DVD movie!!  Ah the little things in life - LOL!

All in all though - this job/lifestyle has its good and bad points.  I try not to dwell on the bad points, because then I can't enjoy the good points.  When we are moving we will make OK money - but we have to be moving.  The view from our office is spectacular!!  However I missed out on my daughter's baby shower - I miss being able to give her a hug every now and again.  We talk on the phone, and its great to hear the news, but its not the same as being there... (sniff, sniff) OK - off that subject - don't want to dwell on it - sigh...

We did and do get to see friends/family in different areas of the country - that we wouldn't be able to do other wise than by doing this... so that is a plus.  Just had a wonderful time in Charlette, NC with a good friend.  Had fish tacos for the first time (they were ok, but its just another way to serve fish) but it was the company that made the day special. 

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