Thursday, July 14, 2011


The load today was a joke... Unloaded at the first one (grocery D/C) and got 1 hour of detention... headed to our next stop.  Had to be there before 1430 - got there at 1400... they said we would get the next door, and even had paperwork ready.  Multiple trucks come and go, we are still waiting... and waiting... finally get a message over the QC and are told that the load won't be ready until tomorrow at 1000!!  Well needless to say there was some conversation over QC and phone - but it came down to the shipper messed up - and we will get detention pay until morning... so instead of trying to idle to stay cool in Texas, we are doing a motel tonight... TV, pool, BIG non-moving bed, and a bathroom just few steps away... so all in all not so bad - and at $50 cheaper than idling the truck!!

We are going to head to a local BBQ joint for dinner - you know, in Texas, got to do BBQ :^D and they have free WiFi - LOL!

We are giving our DM a couple weeks to get us miles... and one good thing is the load we are picking up after we FINALLY get this one done heads to Sacramento!!  Woo Hoo!! Get to hug my kid (((HUG))) and our DM will run us on the West Coast until Eddie is here - and maybe for a while afterwards - until the kids kick me/us out :^) However we have talked to a DM that deals with a dedicated route.  That would get us the miles, but the repetition of the same route over and over - not sure if we want to do that... but the miles/money might over ride the repetition.  There is also another dedicated route we might be interested in, but I want to ask my trainer what he thinks about it... he just moved over there because of lack of miles where we are now.

Well enough typing for now - heading for BBQ!!

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