Thursday, July 21, 2011


I so needed that time at home - yes home... Technicly it is still our home, but it is also my daughter/SIL and soon to be Grandchilds home too.  I still call it home though.  I guess I have several 'home's.  My husband's arms is my main residence <grin> - then there is the truck; where we do our daily living - the house that the kids are living in, where our blood/sweat/tears and $$ is.  So yeah - I got 3 homes.  Each one has its part in my life, and I needed the last one and didn't even know how badly. I think the reason why I needed so much is to re-connect and touch base with my daughter.  Yes she is a grown woman now, married and about to be a mother (well she is already, but one that can hold her kid in her arms type Mom soon)... but she has also become a close friend.  I miss the day to day talking of the little stuff.  When we are out on the road we don't have that daily communication, and even if we did, it would be by phone and that's just not the same.  Its not bad - but not the same.

We also were able to visit Gary's brother/cousin... it was AWESOME to see him looking so good.  He has had some health issues and is doing great now - the hard part now is making sure he doesn't do TOO much - LOL! 

I also got to visit with one of my sisters.  Tried to get together w/both, but it just didn't work out :^( - however I will take what I can get!!

So these last couple days really refreshed me. 

Now its back to business.  Trying to take care of COBRA and setting up QB all i.n a moving truck <picture a bit a car sickness>... but I need to get use to doing office work in a moving vehicle.  Got a lot done though while we were at the shippers - parked - I guess I need to start taking advantage of those times, instead of goofing off - sigh - real world stuff - 'got to do's' instead of 'want to do's'... <blech>  This next run though is going to be a nice one... 2136 miles and only 8K pounds - we are going to be FLYING!!  I set a time of 54 hours - yes its padded a touch, but Gary got a new set of glasses he is getting use to.  With the new Rx its giving him some headaches, so for this first run with them, we are giving ourselves time.  Now lets hope there is a drop yard and a load to hook late on the 23rd or early on the 24th!!

I also got some 'house work' done... a shelf put up and some cleaning out of stuff we aren't using.  Rearrainging of other stuff and still have more to do.  All the laundry is done though (including bed linens!!) and we are freshly washed (love the daily shower!) so all in all - I'm feeling pretty good right now.

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