Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting so close!!

It's getting so close to Grandma time!! We are almost to WI then heading back west... I'm hoping I won't have to fly - but am so willing if Eddie decides to come before we get back.  I feel bad because I'm not right there when my daughter is pregnant - you know to answer questions, concerns and to generally bug her - LOL! However it's probably just as well I'm not there - because I would most likely be bugging her - LOL! (love you kiddo!)

I am so hoping this (the lease and trucking in general) works out like we hope... yeah - hard work, but the bills we need to pay off!! This last 'settlement' was positive, but not much - but then we had a few days off and only had 2000 miles on it... OUCH!!  I can see where we just HAVE to keep moving.  That's gonig to suck when we want to spend time w/the kids and the grand (s)... wanting to spend time, but being pulled back out just so that we don't go in the hole. I can see that IF you get in a hole, it would really be hard to pull yourself out of it.  We have the hole of debt already - so we don't need another one.

I tried cooking in the truck again - and had way too many things plugged into the 'cig lighter'... melted the plug and blew a fuse... note to self - use a dedicated plug for the Burton Oven!! Found the fuse - replaced it and all is good... the plug that got melted was to a Y - so we could plug a bunch of stuff into it - LOL!  I did up a portabella mushroom pizza... next time I need to cook the mushroom a bit first - its so thick that the cheese was almost crispy, but the  mushroom was just getting soft... the taste was still there - cheese, pepperoni, garlic salsa and mushroom - total yum!

<tried to post picture - but it's on my phone and didn't get posted on FB where I could grab it - GRRR>

Well I guess I didn't post this - and stopped - now starting back up again...

Lets talk about yesterday evening... well it happened - our first 'accident'. No one was physically hurt, but
our confidence sure was!  Gary was backing into a 'tight' spot at a truck stop, I was on the ground w/my cell phone and we both had headsets on... things going a little tougher than usual (figured out later than the tandems were further up than CA standard - due to the weight of the trailer - so bigger tail swing) I told him to STOP but he didn't hear me because his headset had disconnected from the phone.  We have been having trouble with his phone randomly rebooting - so not sure if that is what happened or not - but he didn't hear me say stop until I was screaming and opened up the passanger door yelling 'you hit the other truck!!' - sigh - needless to say our movie night didn't turn out as planned and the paperwork really sucks!  The guy who's truck we removed the front fender of was such a wonderful person though... it really hit me and brought me to tears - as we were finishing up the exchange of info and saying goodbye - he grabbed our hands and said a quick prayer... Man did that bring me back to my priorities!  Thank you Lord that no one was injured!!  So now we have a $1500 deductable we have to pay (I'm sure the damage done to his truck will match or exceed that amount) and a 'defensive driving course' we have to go to. I say WE because although the company says 'Gary' as he was behind the wheel - we are a team, and it was both of us doing the backing.  One thing we did do though, is got a hand held CB radio... we are no longer going to rely on cell phones!! Better late - than doing it again!!

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