Monday, July 25, 2011


This is going to be just a quick post - just to Hey I'm still alive type of thing.  Good thing is - we have been moving... that means $$.  As long as we stay moving I think we will do ok $$ wise, and we might even get some bills paid off - which will be REALLY nice! I also was able to get QB set up - bookkeeping again, but this time getting paid for it - in a way.  Daughter saw the Doc today and it looks like at least another week... our DM is really working at keeping us on the west coast - really like that!!  Now if we can get a minimum of 5000 miles/week and we will be really happy campers :^D... Speaking of which - I will be heading off to bed when I get done with this.  We got stuck at WM - 2 hours detention, but it made us 'late' for our pick-up and now subsequent deliveries (Smiths)... We have 3 stops in NV - then heading to CA for another pick-up (cheese stuff) heading to MI.  Our DM will arrainge for us to drop in UT and head back to CA (keeping us close to 'home').  Really looking forward to seeing the grandbaby!  Gary and I were talking and thinking about us when Lynn was little - and things that we would have done differently if we could have known then what we know now.  Such as making things more about her, and what she wanted, then about us and what we wanted... but hind sight is 20/20... and I think we did OK (seeing how she has turned out)... So any way - I'm going to sleep - and just might be able to have breakfast with the kids (woo hoo!).

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