Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today was the closest I have come to saying Fuck it I want out!  Every once and a while I get 'emotional' - and I use to blame it on 'that time of the month'... well I don't have 'that' time any more - but today was one of THOSE days.  Started out fine - dropped off a load in Brea, CA - went smooth - I was driving and we were both in great moods.  Got to the next stop - it's s load of pineapples from a Port in the LA area.  First off the adedress they (the company) gave us for the 'escort' (since we don't have TWIC cards) was wrong.  Then we were told only one of us could go into the port - even though we are both drivers, and a team.  THAT is what put the spanner in my works today.  I freaked - I haven't done a run on my own.  The one time I attempted  it I was SO glad I snuck Gary on board - because he was able to help me through it.  Well with me freaking out - Gary is like - we just won't take it.  Now I'm freaking there because I don't want it to adversly effect our 'jobs'.  We were told that if we didn't do it - it would be a service failure.  Plus Gary didn't want to drop me off at a 'coffee shop' in a strange town so he could do the delivery. (I was better w/that option) So needless to say - I've been an emotional mess today... He did drop me off at a Subway right out side the Port - and did the pick-up with no problem and on an up note - less than a week until I get to meet my Grandson Edward Gustavus Caluza :) Love a good ending!!

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