Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home time...

Ah... home time... its a bag of mixed blessings.  Love seeing the kids! Hard to see the house and realise it's not really ours any more.  So much time/love/history and its gone (in a way)... I think its harder for Gary than for me - or so it seems.  The truck now feels more like 'home'... of course for me I'm home when I get a hug :)

I wish I was better with words and able to express my feelings - but I think they are so convoluted that even words wouldn't give them justice.

I have so many things I would like to do - now if I will have time to do them with the truck not moving. I want to basically rearrange the furnature - LOL - and in a truck that is hard to do... only so much space and we have STUFF - LOL! 

Well off to do something - not sure what... the main plans are to go see a real movie (Harry Potter is our choice) - maybe go to the State Fair (want to get a corn dog - LOL) - and head to the bank to get things around for our 'business'.

So what am I doing on the computer!?! I'm addicted - LOL!

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