Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the road again....

Yep - vacation is over, but it was so nice!! Not as long as we had hoped - and it cost us a bit more than we wanted (parking ticket in the rental car - handicapped parking - it was NOT marked well at all!!) but we so needed the time out of the truck.  We went to one of the Smithsonians, Lincoln Memorial, National Cathedral - and drove around all over the place.  So many places we wanted to see - but just ran out of time.

So we are back on the road again - went from Washington DC to Pennsylvania and now in Utah... we are going to drop this one, pick one up take it to Nevada - they are going to unload then load us up with returns and back we come to Utah... at least that is the plan right now. Who knows if they will change it up for us or not - LOL!

Yawn - we are running back to back 10 hr shifts... 10 on then 10 off. I'm doing the day shifts now - the change up is nice, but Gary doesn't seem to sleep real well during the day - and needs a longer 'nap' at night.  However (me being a bit selfish here) I do enjoy sleeping at night <sheepish grin>.  We will probably switch it around every now and again - so neither one of us is 'stuck' with the night shift.  If I get enough sleep during the day/evening, I actually do pretty well (I think).  What really helps is talking on the phone - but not many people are up at 3am - LOL!  We have also been enjoying audio books... concentrating on what is happening in the story does help some.  Nothing but sleep though will cure the 'sleepies' when they hit - what sucks though, is that the truck stops/rest stops are usually stuffed full of parked trucks by that time (grrr).

Well ta ta for now...

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