Monday, May 16, 2011

What's for dinner...

Driving and living in a truck is fun and a challenge... fun seeing all the different states (abet from the interstate for the most part) the challenge is eating healthy.  It is do-able though... however we haven't gone shopping for a while so it was a  look in the fridge to see what we got... and its a tiny fridge!!  We have a bag of lettuce and some cheese - so at a truck stop I picked up the 2 peices of the endless supply they have of fried chicken - I plan on skinning and de-battering them, picking off all the meat and chuncking up a couple cubes of cheese tossing them on some lettuce and calling it dinner.  Breakfast usually is a protien shake (2 scooper) and lunch is our 'munchy' foods. Nuts/jerkey and thanks to Ruth - baby carrots!!  (we ran out and need more - LOL) I'm liking the veggies though - got the crunch and some sweet and not the concentrated calories.  We also are cutting down on our coffee intake.  Why??  Because we like our coffee white and sweet.  Sweet isn't a problem - we use Splenda... the white part is though.  In truckstops they have creamer dispensers... you know the sweet French Vanilla or Caramel type stuff... yeah - we were LOVING that!! We are looking to cut back on some of the calories though - it might not sound like much but I've gained 8 pounds.  When I was 300+ I could gain/loose that in a day and it wouldn't make any difference - now my clothes just don't fit right, nor do I feel right.  I think 160 is the weight I feel the best at - so that is the 'number' I'm trying to stay at.  Needless to say, if I felt the best at 180 (which was the Doc's number) I would aim there - my aim is to be healthy - no matter what 'number' that is. (well if the number is too low - but then that wouldn't be healthy huh - LOL)

Anyway - I'm heading back to bed.  Drove last night and will be driving again the night shift.  We are heading to Detroit MI with a load of potatoes.  Who knows where from there???

PS one of these days I'm going to map out where all we have been on Google Maps and try to post it - that would be fun to see - LOL!!

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