Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the road again!!

Well the Vegas Meet and Greet went well... got to meet a bunch of people that I've only ever just seen on-line, and see some I haven't seen in ages (at least a year - LOL).  However life goes on and we are back on the road... the batteries didn't keep a charge, even though we came out and ran the truck for a while yesterday.  So after borrowing a set of cables and jumping/charging from the refer we headed towards So. CA... then there came a request for a team to 'repower' a load heading to MI... well that's a good chunkdriv of miles and we wouldn't have to wait until Tuesday to unload, so we jumped on it... now we are heading back through Vegas again but heading towards Detroit MI. 

I put the ox tails that I bought up in WA in the cooker w/some chipotle Mrs Dash and water... man are they smelling good!!  I heard though that it is a tough cut of meat (although flavorful) so I'm letting it cook for a while... I'll add in some lentils about 30 minutes before we want  to eat to thicken things up and make a 'stew/chili/soup' type of thing... Mmmm I got a can of chopped tomatoes up in the cupboard... heading to toss that in right now... more liquid and flavor!! done...

Well we will be switching drivers at the SLC term... that will be about 8-9 hours for Gary driving, then I take over... so going to take a nap now so I can drive tonight :)

PS... its good to be home...

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