Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nice day!!

Really nice day today - not that others haven't been as nice, but this is the one I'm 'blogging' about - LOL!  Woke up in the Florida Everglades in a truckstop that had seen better days. I don't think I will complain about Pilot or Flying J showers for a while!! We knew we had time - so no rushing and drove the 1 hour to a stop to get our trailer washed out.  It was a Pilot, but was in compition with the one we spent the night at.  It was a  lot busier though, that's for sure!! Again knowing we had time - we worked in the truck and got things more sorted and straightened... we now have the scanner unpacked - not running yet, but soon.  The scanner is to scan the paperwork for our runs... THAT will be nice.  Then we will have back up when (notice I didn't say if) they loose some of our paperwork.  So back to today... after we did the cleaning and straightening - still had time - so we broke out the BBQ!!  We had picked up some stuffed salmon the other day - needed to cook it soon, so took advantage.  It turned out GREAT!  There is a way to eat healthy on the road - but it takes time and planning. We split a bag of lettuce and split a filet - the package came with two filets, but the one was enough for the both of us... we were going to save the other one for another meal, but there was a lot kitty that we shared with instead - sigh - I miss my cats!! Anyways... so we are now waiting outside our first stop... in fact, it has been two hours since our appt. time - which means we start earning money just sitting here.  Don't get excited though - its not much and not worth it - LOL!  However, once we do get loaded and on the road - this run will be over 2000 miles.  Florida to California!! We were thinking maybe trying to get this load more often, however with this much time invested and we still haven't even started - the miles just might not be worth the time it takes to get them... sigh... So it has been a nice, relaxing, productive day... now we get to drive!!

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  1. Paula,
    You are my inspiration! I had RNY on 5/09 and have lost 158 lbs to date. My husband and I have always dreamed of doing the same thing that you and your husband are doing. However, when he returned from his two tours in Iraq he is no longer physically able to do so even though I am now able to do this! Ironic isn't it! Anyway, please keep blogging so that I can live vicariously through you and your adventure. God bless you and your family. Be blessed and be safe!