Monday, June 6, 2011

Another First...

We are at this time in Union Springs, AL - sitting at a chicken processing plant.  Our load won't be ready until 7 pm and we are here early (which is another story all together) so we went out for lunch.  There was a local 'grill' just up the street (recommended by the guard at the guard shack) and so that is where we went.  I have never had 'fried green tomatoes'.  I've heard about them, but never remember trying any.  They are really pretty good. Thank you Alabama for providing this experience!!

Sorry about the lack of 'blogging' - when we are sitting still, its usually when we both are trying to grab a bit of sleep.  Sleeping in a moving truck is do-able, but really sound sleep only seems to happen when the truck is still.  Also trying to use the computer in the moving truck is a trick - to I'm taking advantage of this 'still' time and typing :^)

Yes I'm still glad we chose to 'semi - retire'... it is an adventure/journey I wouldn't trade in.  However some of the more irritating aspects are starting to raise their heads.  Such as 'the company' and their 'repowers'... we I guess it was OUR fault for not thinking it through also.  We had a nice load set up by our DM (whom I really like) but it wasn't due to load until the next day... while we found that out, a note went over the Qualcom (dispatch's way of communicating w/the drivers) that a 'repower' was needed on a 'hot meat load'... so we wanted to stay moving and decided to jump on it.  We should have let it pass... not only did we get the loads (one extra stop) there on time and then have to wait on the unloads - but this next load had us waiting and we are still waiting!!  We don't get paid to wait...sigh...

I am so proud of my daughter - she is doing really well with this pregnancy.  I gained 100+ pounds when I was pregnate with her, she has only gained maybe 15 pounds and she is 8 months along!!  AWESOME!! I was concerned because with Gary's and my eating habits, we taught her well.  No signs of high blood pressure or gestational diabetes (thank you God!!) - and she has been watched closely for those.  I really wish I could be and have been there for the shower and --- oh just all the little things that go along w/being pregnate - cravings, watching the baby move, stuff like that... I understand why we can't - but I want both - LOL!!

We are still bouncing the thought of going 'Owner/Op' and leasing a tractor w/'the company'... but it wavers back and forth with how we are feeling about the company.  Some days we are like "Ok lets do it" and others are "I can't wait for the year to be up!!".  So for now, we are company drivers - getting our minimum of one year experience in - and seeing where we go from here.

Well one place we are going is up to Detroit MI again - that is where this load is going :)

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