Thursday, May 19, 2011


I would love to only post 'happy/feel good' stuff... however I don't feel happy/feel good right now.  I'm just finishing my shift and it was a LONG one!!  I started driving @ 2200 and finished @ 1000.  We dropped at the same location we picked up from (which is nice) but the load we picked up was ass heavy... even w/slidding our trailer tandams we couldn't get 'legal' soooo... back to the shipper we go and they have to 'reload' it... I was able to get a nap while there, but Gary was up during his 'sleep' time to help me slide tandems and navagate through a serious rain and lightning storm.  Would have been fun to watch if I wasn't driving through it - and no it wasn't a tornato this time - LOL!  So this morning when we are changing shifts, neither of us are in the best of moods.  Sigh... now I get to try to sleep with him driving... wish me luck!!

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