Saturday, May 14, 2011


This weekend it turning out totally AWESOME! First off - we made it to Vegas... that in it's self is a miracle that I didn't think was going to happen.  Our DM actually got us routed this way... we were a bit later than I thought we could have been, but hey - we're here!!  Then my wonderful husband surprised me with a great room... a room with a view!  Not that isn't sarcastic, it's on the 18th floor and the 'sitting area' is like a giant bay window - so yes it has a GREAT view. The king size bed is so not what we are use to anymore either. Almost got lost in it last night - LOL!  One of the best parts about this weekend though is meeting so many faces behind the names.  I never really realized just how open FB and the BLOG is, or how many people read it... when I write/type I try to write/type as if I'm letting a friend know what's happening in my life - or just me trying to work things out in my head... almost like talking to myself. - LOL what's really fun is when I argue with myself - I'm not sure who wins :) Anyway... we got here after the evenings events and everything was winding down.  Kinda bummed about that - but we met up with a couple folks that I had only read on-line and headed down a 'pub' for dinner.  Slept in a bed that wasn't moving and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed!  The days events have been good - great speakers with meaningful words.  So many of us have our own journeys - but travel similar roads.  (got distracted - I had a great thought that was going to flow with that road analogy - SQUIRREL!!)

So Gary and I are taking a short break - and probably a nap (nice to have a BIG bed that doesn't move occasionally) then join up with everyone downstairs...

So bye for now...

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