Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wading through it all...

My lord!!  The amount of paperwork is amazing... and I am lost. Thank God for family, friends and different agencies!  Since Momma was in the hospital for over 72 hours she qualified for Medicare help... so a nurse came out to evaluate her and she will be getting PT (well the care home will - since she wouldn't retain any info), also a SW with VA experience talked with us today... so I have some hope there.  Of course looking back, I wish we had pursued these options sooner and harder... it might have helped save some of our savings, but such is life and vision is 20/20 when looking backwards.  We can just deal with what we have today.  So tomorrow we start the path through the VA stuff...  This time sitting still (truck not rolling) is going to make things a bit thin for a while, but there is no way we want to lay this on Lynn's door.  She has enough on her own plate right now, and has been such a help with being here.  It is still hard for me to realize she is a grown woman in her own right and a mother to boot!!  She will always be my little girl!! I am so proud of her and how she has dealt with her part in caring for Momma.  I'm also glad Gary's brother was able to come to town.  Its good to see the interplay between the two, and it nice that the emotional load has been shared.  Unfortunately Gary has come down with the creeping crud... we have been fighting the nose stuff for a while, but its finally gone down into his chest.  The first major sickness since WLS (except during his training a year ago, but that was because this trainer kept his truck the temp of a freezer!!)... its really kicking his butt... So not what we need at this time either... So the good things (you know me - I need to look at the good things - keeps me out of my well) - the fracture Momma had, didn't need surgery - the brothers get a chance to visit - we get to spell Lynn and Morgan, and give them a small break from parenthood - we get to play with our Grand Baby!!  Oh and one of the best things - we get to play with our Grand Baby!!  LOL!!

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