Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On the road again...

Well to do an update... (I really should do these more often - the little details tend to get fuzzy after a while - old age? alzheimer's?)

We got back on the road after over a week off.. so this week, no $$ just paying for the truck sitting still... OUCH... but we did get an OK load but... yeah there is always a BUT in there...

We loaded down in Wasco, CA - and they did say in the info that it might take a while - well it did! We carried a trailer packed (hand packed) full of bare root rose bushes to the drop yard in AZ.  Well the delay in loading took part of the time we needed to make our next delivery. 

So we get to AZ, drop our trailer and look around for an MT (empty trailer)... as usual, none to be found there.  So we call and try to get permission to not bring one to our next load, since what we are picking up is already loaded in a trailer... told we have to wait until the day shift comes in... yeah more wasted time.

Day shift comes in and says OK to go in without an  MT.  Now we are almost 12 hours past where we expected to be time wise.  The load out (which had a pick up appt time of 3 days before) was going to be tight for us anyway, because it was given to us (a team) because it was cutting it close time wise. We let the weekend folks know - we are now going to be late - by a minimu of 12 hours - no response... We continue on (heading to MD) and the next day - let them know we are going to be late... they respond back with we will let your DM (dispatch manager) know... Her response on Monday (the day we WERE to deliver it - and after the appt time - since she comes in 0600 CST and the appt time was 0545 EST) was - I didn't think it would take you guys that long - <LOL right - and the delays had nothing to do with it!!> Sigh...

So now we dropped the load the next day - more waiting - and picking up the next one - same day, which is nice (it was even in the same state!!) - and heading back to CA... Oh and our delivery appt time is after when our next load picks up!!  Here we go again!!

Now on to the WLS front - we are trying to get back on track... well I am and Gary is encouraging me (he is my Jimminy Cricket).  I've logged back onto a favorite forum http://bariatrictv.com/forum/index.php and started to read (and even post a little) again.  Wish us luck!! Staying away from munching while waiting... yeah... got to work on that!! 

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