Friday, January 27, 2012

Cudo's to our company...

You hear so many horror stories of how there is a family emergency and their company makes them take a load that is going in the opposite direction... well I must give thanks where thanks are due.  Central Refrigerated has been good to us during this time. Not everything is under their control (more to that in a few), but our old and new DM on this dedicated fleet have been great.  They took the load going to OH/MI off of us and got that covered.  They also got us a load that goes from Fontana to Oakland to get us most of the way home with loaded miles. THANK YOU CENTRAL!!

Now to the circumstances not in their control... we get to our delivery (our 99 is what the company calls it) at 1030... our appt time isn't until 1500, so we get sent to a dirt lot and told to check back at the guard gate at 1400... so we do... told to take paper to receiving office and they say wait in your truck we'll call you... so we wait some more. At 1700 I go back in to see how long of a wait we are looking at, because we have places to go and things to do... the receiver goes "I was just about to call you... we can't unload you today.  It won't be until 4 am tomorrow" - I'm like, your joking right? Then I go off when he says no... First you have 3 guys come to my truck and accuse me of being a guy using the women's restroom!! Now you are telling me we won't be unloaded until 0400!!  My husband's mother is having surgery and you are making us wait! GRRR!

So here we sit - Momma's surgery got bumped until tomorrow (other trama cases came in) - we are still in AZ - Lynn is doing an AWESOME job of being there!!  How I wish she didn't have to do this, but I'm so glad she is there! Trying not to stew on things that are out of our control - and thankful for friends and family.

Oh and on a side note... Gary and I are stress eaters - 1/2 a package of sugar free chocolate cookies each with milk - we are doing dueling tooting - thank God he loves me - LOL!!

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