Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You know we make all these plans and think we have things well in hand... then God comes in and changes things around.  When you look close though and look back all you can do is marvel at his timing... and sometimes you can even glimps at the reasons why...

Case in point - We had planned on being in town on the 12-14th for Gary's Doc appt... thinking Lynn would then be more up and around after surgery and we could give the kids at least a day or two off parent duty.  Instead Momma fell and broke a hip. We came home early, Rick flew out and stuff (paperwork and benifits) got done that needed to get done, which needed both the brothers to do.  So now we were able to reschedule Gary's appt to today, we took an extra day to cover Eddie care while Lynn has surgery (although I have a feeling there were many other offers - LOL) and while we were here the water heater took a dump.  Now this was a type of dump that we would not have been able to diagnose over the phone, so it was a good thing we were here when it happened.  God's plan - I think so... He has a way of having things just happen. 

Such as yesterday - I was trying to stay busy outside, because there was too much food temptation inside - and I was trying to do things that would help and decrease some of the frustrations we feel when we come home.  Well my usual spiral down into thinking of what ifs and whys etc... then Lynn came out and caught me and I was able to 'cry on her shoulder' - literally.  I think it was a good thing - unplanned but cleansing.  There is so much more that CAN be done around here, and Lynn carries it all on her shoulders... I know we only see through a small window, but what we see, we get very frustrated with.

Now if we had stuck with OUR plans - no paperwork would have been started for Momma - Rick and Gary wouldn't have had time together (and I think a greater appreaciation for what the last few years for us has been like) - we wouldn't have had the time to aid Lynn and Morgan and give them some 'off' time... and in doing so would have been super stressed when the hot water heater stopped working and we weren't here to diagnose it.  So even though this 'down time' is really tough on the pocket book - it was good timing. 

I have faith that things will all work out according to GOD's plans, even if that doesn't correspond with OUR plans!

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