Saturday, February 4, 2012


How cool is FaceBook... for kicks and giggles a couple months ago I put in a few names from my childhood.  Found one of them and sent a message - she replied and yep it was her!!  Finally got to go and see her... talk about a blast from the past :) While I was there a friend of her's turned out to be a friend of mine from across town and 4 years earlier! Talk about a SMALL world!

Its a guys night out tonight... Gary, his brother and a friend of the family (from their childhood) are all heading out to visit... I expect them to be out for HOURS... those guys can talk and reminice with the best of them.

So I'm hangin' out with the 'kids'... she's not such a kid any more, but she will always be MY kid.  Nice sitting and having a 'family' dinner with them.  Fun watching Eddie too - brings me back to raising Lynn - and it doesn't even seem THAT long ago.

Got a lot done this week - things that Lynn and Rene wouldn't be able to do for us.  Signatures and paperwork... trying to get increased benifits... and a bunch else... I am SO glad that it wasn't just Gary and I - Gary's brother flew out and he was a big help.  Another head to keep track of things and another emotional buffer.

I must admit though I am torn - loved being home/at the house, but I'm looking forward to getting back on the road again. Plus we have sat so long that this is going to put a big dent in the pocket book. I know - that is always on my mind - its the way I'm wired :^\

Another reason I look forward to being back on the truck is there isn't as much 'temptation'.  I have 'cheated' SO much on the WLS eating plan. I know better, but did it anyway - and now kicking myself.  I'm sitting here BLOGing and hurting at the same time... AND kicking myself... Weight wise, I'm at 185... which is 5# MORE than the Doc's goal for me... so... I am going to put in print (and while I'm typing it I really mean it) my pledge to get back on plan... NO processed sugar, decrease carb intake, increase veggies and protein. Making sure I drink more water and less coffee even if I have to stop to pee more often... so I pledge!!

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