Sunday, January 1, 2012

A year in review...

Well a readers digest version anyways... My memory isn't what it should be... Product of turning 50 this year - LOL!

Well the first part of the year I was busy moving our stuff into a small room and trying to make it a place for us to 'live' when we would get 'home'... Also moving my daughter and her husband into what we called home. Kissed Gary and sent him off to run with his trainer and tried to live without him for a couple months. Oh and I was still working during all of this... Talk about being scattered... So much that had to get done and so much left undone because I only had a month to do it in and was pulled in so many directions that is seems like I did nothing at all...

Next step of my life was to leave the beautiful home my husband and I built, to take a huge leap of faith. Faith that what we were doing was the right thing. Faith that doing this would provide enough money to keep our 'home' in the family. I left a job that I had for over 12 years, and a little boy that was very dear to my heart and the family that came with him. I left stability, routine, my comfort zone, family and friends... I left to train to become a truck driver.

God works in ways that when you look back you might be able to grasp just a glimps of his plans... I've seen it in my life, and I saw it some with just this past year. DD & SIL their lease was up on their apt and they were looking for a place, we needed someone to care for our home. Then with all our incomes the house could be saved, and kept in the family.

So I did my training and Gary was out on his own for a month, then we were finally able to do this together. That period of time I think was very important for both of us. For myself it was to prove to myself that I can do things on my own. It was scary to leave everything that was familiar, and not have Gary beside me when I did... But I did it!! For him I think it made him appreciate me more, and not take my presence for granted... It's also something I really don't want to do again - LOL!

Now we are together - living in a walk in closet on wheels. We still love each other and haven't killed each other (yet) LOL! My daughter and son in law have gifted us with a precious Grandchild, and they are learning how to be a family. Our house is still occupied by family, but our 'home' is now more than ever wherever the other person is... I have been taught (and it's a lesson I'm still learning) that family is more important than things. I'm learning how to let go... But I must admit a times I still grieve for the past, and the time of plenty (didn't think it was plenty at the time, but I sure do now!!)...

Not sure what this New Year will bring, but I welcome it with open arms!


  1. PJ, I am praying for your and yours for a bright and beautiful 2012. God bless you all!

  2. I really like the idea of a "year in review" - I do one on my blog at the end of each year. I took the original format from a friend of mine and now I go through it every year and really enjoy looking back over my year, my blog posts, etc.

    Here are the ones I have done for the past years: