Friday, January 20, 2012

Another day in the life...

Well my weight is staying stable... Not increasing, which is a good thing. We eliminated the nut munchies... It was hard to give up, and gum chewing has significantly increased, but the weight hasn't ... So that is a good thing :)

Right now we are at a Freightliner dealer getting some warrantee work done. I just hope they work in a timely manner. We are 'under load' and need to be in FL on the 22nd. However the tech said it was a good thing we came in when we did... The bolt that has been coming loose and starting fires, was loose and a 1/4" away from doing the same for us 8^0 There also was another recall that we didn't even know about from the company... Thanks guys! So here we wait... Definitely have to learn patience in trucking... Lots of waiting! Even if we have a deadline, others do not and there is usually no rushing them... Sigh

The new 'dedicated' fleet is working out 'ok'... There has been an increase of miles, so that's a good thing... We are running on our recap, so that means we are keeping moving... I just hope it stays stable. This last week wasn't as much as the week before. Just don't want that downward slope to continue.

Trucking is still very two sided for me... I'm liking the scenery and even the 'lifestyle' but I miss a stationary home. We have a 'house' and family/friends there... but...

Well... There is an actual TV here and I haven't watched TV in at least a month (since the last time we were at the house)... So bye for now :)

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