Friday, January 27, 2012


Another really hard part about trucking is not being where you feel you are needed, and not able to drop everything to be there!!

Case in point... Gary's Mom (not sure the exact how) broke her hip. It wasn't directly obvious, so they weren't sure about taking her to the doctor vs: ER. Lynn and our very good friend RS went to the care home to say yes or no on sending her to the hospital because we weren't there able to do so. God bless friends and daughters!!

So now Lynn is at the hospital with Momma getting her admitted, while we are heading to AZ under a load... And one waiting for us to take us further away to OH and MI. Now granted Momma is in a state of advanced dementia... but... The frustration of not being there and the feeling of helplessness! Not that we really could do much there, beside taking the burden off of Lynn's shoulders... but we would BE there.

So any that are thinking of trucking is a glorious, wonderful carefree job... Think again! You are tied to a trailer and a load with the responsibilities that go with it. There really is no quick way home when something happens. We did know this when we started, and that is why we had people in place that we trusted to be there 'just in case'... just wish we didn't have to need them... (if you get what I mean)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! God bless you all and prayers for Gary's mom going up continuously.