Saturday, August 27, 2011

Should we or shouldn't we... that is the question...

And I think I know what the answer will be... in fact I'm pushing for it myself.  That is to go dedicated.  I'm thinking of it in a practical aspect.  We need the miles CONSISTANTLY... not just when we bitch and threaten to go some place else.  From what I've heard about this fleet - it is a LOT of back and forth across country... however it is TO just a few locations, however on the return trip there might be some veriety. (ps sorrry for any typos - done in a moving truck - LOL)  Also it sounds like they would be able to run us through our home town - want to be able to see our kids and grand - we really are missing them!! So we said we would give our DM 2 weeks - and Monday is the end of the 2 weeks.  So decision time is at hand.

Oh - and by the way - I'm a Grand Mother!!  <silly grin>

So for a run down of this last week...lets start in IN - picked up a bunch of bread crumbs and took them to NE (706 miles).  From there picked up just down the street (nice) in NE and took it to a trailer drop yard in IL (563 miles).  Then headed to MI to load and take it to UT (1500 miles). Then we got some yogurt in UT and took it to OH (1595 miles).  Then some more yogurt in OH to AL (711 miles).  From there we had a bust ass run from AL to CO (1285 miles - in 26  hours or less!!) - now we are on a run from CO with one stop in OH then PA (1824 miles) - so this week has been a good one (these span from the 17th until today - so a touch over a week - (8184 miles))... but its not consistantly like that.  We also have had to PUSH to get those - and bitch about runs... such as one they assigned us - 500+ miles dead head (basically paid just enough to cover costs) for a run of only 450 miles... NOPE we really don't want that one!!

Well we just got off the freeway near my BIL house - (one of the nice things about this job) - going to visit - so bye for now :)


  1. Holy Cow!! Your constant driving would kill Superwoman and Superman!! Definitely not for us...of course, we don't have a paycheck!

  2. I would take the dedicated miles just so I would know what I have coming in financially rather than leaving your financial health in your DM's hands. My dad was a trucker Owner/Operator most of my life and preferred dedicated to a DM's whims any day.