Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not yet...

Today has been so surreal in a way - my baby is having a baby - WOW!  It really is going to happen <big grin> Things are going well and it is so cool to see those two together.  They are going to make good parents. Nothing really happened today - basically paperwork and getting things set up.  So maybe tomorrow, or who knows, now that I'm back at the house (giving them some alone time - as alone as you can be in a hospital - and some privacy to rest/sleep) Eddie just might decide to wake them up and make his appearence.  Kinda bummed that Gary can't be here - but we both understand why.  The company though KNOWS what is going on - I talked to our DM this morning.  Why they are having him do a run from UT to CO (he is in CO tonight - delivers at 0500) then from CO to ID and no run scheduled yet to CA... makes me nervous!!  So just as well things are going slowly - that way Gary just might be back here at the same time Eddie makes his appearence!!  Now that would be perfect timing :^) However I'm not sure Lynn wants to wait for too long - and I really don't blame her... so we will see how things go.  For me it now already tomorrow, and I have a feeling it will be a long day.  I want to get the oven clean in the morning (it was on a list of things Lynn had wanted to do - but its something I can do for them).  Not sure if I will get to the lawn - priorities you know - LOL!  So off to bed I go...

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! I can NOT believe what this company is putting you guys thru!!!! I am SO frustrated and I'm not even part of the family! And yet, you have your daughter having a baby...the biggest joy I have ever had is being a Mom! Love, Light and Laughter to you all!!!