Monday, August 8, 2011

Today is the day the Lord has made!!

Well today is the day for my Grandson to start his emergence into the world... now the question will be how long will it take... Gary is finishing up the load in Utah and I'm here in Sacramento.  I feel like I was able to help out some around the house yesterday - vacuumed and cooked dinner. I just wish I could make time flow faster.  Waiting again - LOL!

I'm going to do some running around for Lynn today - medication for Momma - stuff like that... then driving them to the hospital and getting settled in... not sure if I will stick around there, or head back to the house - just going to go with the flow.  I learned a great lesson from a friend of mine YEARS ago - to not impose what I think things should be into 'their' situation.  So I will just be in the background and enjoy the day - wishing Gary could be here - but I know his work ethic - just one of the reasons I love him so much!!

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  1. Good luck on the waiting game for the grandson. And be sure to tell your Daughter and her husband congratulations from the Internet world!