Saturday, September 3, 2011

1/2 Century...

Yep my 50th is coming up - and will have been on this earth for a half a century!!  That makes me sound SO OLD!!  I remember I would look forward in time and think it would be SO long until I was THAT old... well that time has come.  What is weird though - I don't really feel 'old'.  I feel no different really from when I was in my 30's... thinner, and a few joint aches I didn't have then, but basically the same.  Thank you Lord for putting the gastric bypass in my life - I don't think I would feel this good without it.  Also talk about a midlife change of careers!!  From nursing to truck driving - B I G change!  I'm just glad I'm not doing it alone... I do miss a few things though - my family is first and foremost.  My daughter in now married and has a child of her own, so we are now on the fringes - but I would LOVE to be there more often and just be a total pest - LOL! I also miss our house - we havc and are sacraficing to make sure it stays in the family, but I'm also glad to be able to witness the passing from one generation to the other - while I'm still alive to see it!!  It does raise some questions as to where we will go when we 'get off the road'.  Will we move back into the front bedroom?  Or get our own place? Who knows what time will bring...  Yeah as I get older I realize that God really laughs when we make plans.  If he agrees with the plans - no problems, but if he doesn't - it really messes with what we want to do - LOL!  I'm just glad he has agreed with our wish for a healthy grandchild and a happily married daughter - with those things we are the richest people... (yes I'm getting mushy). 

So here we sit getting loaded with some sort of fruit - about 200 miles away from Sacramento.  So close and yet so far - being this close make me miss them even more - but we do have 'home time' scheduled for next week (my birthday) and our DM (bless her heart) has done great in getting us there on time.  Miles will be less than what we want - but we will be able to see family!!  The next scheduled 'home time' will be during Thanksgiving. 

Oh and we stayed with our original DM - we had dinner with her the other night, and it finally clicked - she really doesn't have much power over what loads we get - its the PLANNERS that hand out the loads - she is just the intermediary between us.  So it might have been a mistake not to go Dole - and we might try that bridge if (after this home time) the miles shrink again.  However we did say to her we would give her 2 weeks to bring up the miles - and she has.  She has also worked her fanny off getting us home on-time for Eddie's birth and my birthday.  So we will continue this 'Grand Adventure' not knowing where we will be sent next... and not really looking forward to the winter - but we got to take the cold with the hot - LOL!

PS - reminder to self - pick up chains for the truck...

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