Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a day...

Well we have been moving right along... We are now working off our recaps (for those of you that read this and don't truck... We are allowed to work 70 hours in an 8 day period... So as we move to the next day, more hours become available to work... However if you don't budget your time, you can spend it all at the first part of that 8 day stretch and not have the hours to work)... And that is the most efficient way to roll, but also the most wearing... Because you are constantly moving... Again, careful what you wish for!! So yesterday we were in SLC, at the terminal. We were going to get our truck inspected for UT since it is licensed there... By the time we made it to the inspection bay, the crew that could do the inspection had already left... So we wasted almost an hour and a half there... Dropped off our load and picked up our other one (in Ogden) and headed to Phoenix... Got there this morning... There is no areas at night to stop along HWY 20 or HWY 89!! Glad we have the bucket!! (sorry if TMI) So we get to Phoenix, and again, the hunt for an empty trailer... Then the OK to go in without one... So we are almost out of town heading to Ohio this time and we stop for fuel .. Both diesel and coffee... Oh and the Flying J has the BEST munching ice!!! While there I got to be 'verbally assaulted'... Basically an ignorant bully... I blogged about the detailed in a draft because it shook me enough that I was forgetting details... My hands were shaking and everything! Did not like that feeling at all!! So now we are back in the truck and heading north on I-17 (really getting to know this road well) then to 40 and 44... Our usual :) Now that I've decompressed, I need to get back to my 'office' work... Sigh... It sure was easier when I had a desk... But then I wouldn't have the views I get now :) ... Here is the one I had last night at the beginning of my drive shift in Eastern Wyoming on I-80...LINK Can't figure out how to post a picture with the iPad... So hopefully the link will work ;)

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