Monday, May 14, 2012

Fights and battles... So tired of them!

Not with the driving so much as with other things in our lives. Medi-Cal for one... Bless Gary, he has taken that battle from my shoulders! It has been 3 months so far and we might have caught a break by him actually talking to a supervisor ... At least we can hope! Then there are the weekly 'discussions' with payroll re: our settlements/detention/reimbursements etc... I wonder just how many drivers take their settlements at face value and never check? Then dealing with our DM that doesn't really communicate with us and has an attitue that can be VERY abrasive! Then there is the mortgage... I can't believe I am going to pick up that battle again and try to get the load 'modified'... It was a year and a half battle last time and they won by wearing me down... So we let everything else slide... Then the battle of juggling which bills to pay, and which not to (also known as robbing Peter to pay Paul)... and other concerns that I have to deal with internally and not talk about... Because no matter how I try to express my concerns, I get made to feel like the bad guy or tyrant or bitch... Just a sensitive issue all the way around. Then there are concerns to what will happen in the future (house maintainance/mail/bills vs. OTR trucking)... Yeah, easy to say rest it on the Lord's shoulders... But we still have to work towards a goal and plan for what we are expecting... Not knowing what his plans are going to be. All of this equals stress, frustration, pain and depression... Love my Husband... Love my family... Like my job... Just hate the battle life can be sometimes! But I guess without that battle, the good times wouldn't look so good... I just wish for more of them... Until then though, I refuse (I am my father's daughter!!) to quit!! I will keep on 'going with the flow', and will look until I find the good parts of the day. I refuse to let life get me down (for long ... LOL!)!!!

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