Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back on the road again...

Yep... Back rolling then waiting... LOL! It was a productive time at home, and unplanned. We took advantage of it though :) got to squeeze the kids and the grand. Man is growing FAST! Also noticed the increased work done outside the house.. Thank you! Now we are on a mission though... To get as many miles under us (without killing us) until August when we are planning to enjoy our grand's first birthday. That is of course if God doesn't laugh at our plans again :/ he has a way of doing that! So my Mother's day gift was an iPad of my own... That way Gary can play his games and I can read. Now he is having fun trying to get the old iPad to recognize HIM as the owner and not me (how it was originally set up)... You know programs like 4square, based off of the Apple Registration. Hey it's keeping him busy and entertained (and very vocal) while we are waiting for our load time. Well just thought I would check in, say hi... And now I'm off to read my book... One of the free ones... And it's turning out pretty good :D

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